V I C T O R I N E  F O O T  S S A  1920- 2000  has left a treasure of over a thousand artworks. Her paintings have found their way into collections worldwide, and now the remaining 1000 from her Edinburgh studio, are for sale .

Foot was extraordinarily adept in every medium; oil, water colour, gouache, pastel, charcoal, pencil and Ink.  Her paintings, accompanied by her sketchbooks, spanning her long creative life from the 1940’s through to the year 2000 are there as testament to a profound skill and knowledge of her art.

The Foot Sketchbooks trace her fascinating journeys through to a completed artwork. Drawings that in themselves capture, through the spirited flow of her pen; the touching moments of life she so tenderly portrayed. Her sketchbook was always upon her person, thus we are now able to share in these intimate moments; her observations of daily living and landscape gleaned from her voyaging around the world. There is now the opportunity to purchase and frame, either singly or in dynamic groups, these precious moments immortalised in ink.

Victorine Foot played a vibrant and integral part within Edinburgh’s artist’s circle of the 1940’s and 50’s. She came fresh from the Chelsea and Central Schools of Art in London, and from working several years as an officer within the inspirational milieu of the Camouflage community of over a hundred artists of note, working together in Leamington Spa during the Second World War.

In 1946 she became the young wife of Eric Schilsky RA RSA Head of the School of Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art ( ECA ). Victorine Foot then completed her studies at ECA. She won a bursary to study art in Italy. She then became a lecturer at the college. She was a regular exhibitor in the SSA, RSA, RA  alongside the great artists of her time. She also had several one man shows and exhibited internationally in group shows.

This inspired and budding young talent, coupled with her warm personality all contributed to her being a cherished friend of the following well known artists of this exciting time born in the aftermath of World War 11: Sir William Gillies, John Maxwell RSA, Anne Redpath OBE, Leonard Rosaman RA, Sir William MacTaggart PRSA RA, Sir Robin Philipson PRSA RA, David Mickie OBE RSA, Alan Reiach FRIBA, Derek Clarke Hon RP RSW ARSA; John Kingsley Cook, Sir Robert Matthew OBE FRIBA, to name but a few.

Chiara Clare Schilska, daughter of the artist remembers dearly:

“Anne Redpath, Gillies, Philipson, Maxwell, my parents, Eric and Victorine were all gathered around two oval dining tables at our studio home at 16a Meadow Place, Edinburgh. The light from the candles from the grand brass candelabra suspended from the high glass paneled ceiling, reflected in the vast expanse of panes, against the night sky overhead. The next bottle of wine was warming by the great cosy stove in the centre.

Victorine and Eric were basking in the joyful atmosphere their colourful friends created. Anne Redpath at the head of the table, riichly dressed in glistening bohemian evening wear, a fringed shawl about her shoulders rotund and rosy cheeked, in her element, giving forth her stories of her travels, though herself Scottish, in an extravagant french accent. My ‘Uncle Bill’ Gillies warmly giggling his support, Philipson handsome, debonair and charming in his customary velvet evening jacket and generous bow tie. ‘Johnnie,’ Maxwell, quietly deep and ponderous in the shadows. When sent up to bed, myself naughtily crouching, eavesdropping on the long balcony which overlooked the great open plan studio/living space below.

I remember too the frequenting of countless private views, the tipsy and jocular artists in fancy dress at The Edinburgh College of Art Revels, evening drinks parties, Sunday trips to the seaside with Gillies, Maxwell, the Cooks or the Clarkes. Gillies with his pipe, smoke swirling, tinting with golden nicotine his wavy white curls and fingers, his kindly manner and inimitable sense of humour.”